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More than ever before it is imperative that we are proactive with taking care of our health.  The ingredients in Health Tea were blended to ensure a strong and prepared immune system.  

Health Tea

  • Rooibos – Represent nature’s healer. Used to fight colds and infections.  Reduces blood pressure, improves bone health, lung airflow and aid digestion.


    Elderberry – Represents immunity.  Used to keep the immune system strong due to its powerful antioxidants.  Healing properties to treat influenza, kidney and bladder infections, allergy relief and improves bowel function.


    Astragalus Root – Represents miracle herb.  Adapts according to what the body needs so it can deal with a variety of problems.  Aids in heart health, allergies, sleeplessness, anti-aging and makes the immune system smarter at handling foreign substances.


    Lemon Peel – Represents protection.  Used to fight against cancerous cells, bad cholesterol, bone ailments and parasites. Aids in digestion and skin health.

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