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Build the Super You

A Monthly Membership Live Event with Meaghan Johnson

The Build the Super You live online workshop is offered once a month where Meaghan teaches the methods and techniques she used to heal herself from depression and trauma. The live sessions will be a space where members can ask questions to gain further clarity while on their journey. The healing journey requires consistency and support. Members will learn not only how to heal but also how to build the person they are meant to be, a more loving, joyous, fun, compassionate, balanced and peaceful person. Members will also have access to unlimited videos, digital downloads and meditations to help support them on this journey.

First Live Workshop: Wednesday June 5 at 7pm CST (8pm EST) 

Cancel Anytime

Build the Super You



Every month

A Monthly Membership Live Event with Meaghan Johnson, Cancel anytime Subscription

Valid until canceled
30 day free trial

How to gain freedom from the mind

How to break your painful emotional addictions

How to use your painful thoughts to heal yourself

How to create balance within your mind and body

How to make your mind more loving and supportive

How to create peaceful and joyful life

Membership is billed $10 monthly and you can cancel anytime

What You Will Learn
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