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Mindful Sip Tea

Why Mindful Sip Tea?

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…Because it starts with you. You have the power to create whatever you want by just changing your thoughts. The ingredients and therapeutic aspect of Mindful Sip Teas help you attract what you want from life. 


Mindful Sip Teas are about gratitude. Appreciating the success in your life, the strength of your body, and the love in your life. It’s a handy reminder of the beautiful gifts life has offered. The more gratitude you have, the more the universe will conspire to continue to draw it to your life.

How to Use Mindful Sip Tea

Using Love Tea As The Example

These instructions are to help you focus your thoughts. The tea is a symbol of what you want your new reality to be. Your current negative thought(s) is the water prior to putting in the tea leaves. Now we are going are going to transform your thoughts using this tea exercise. 


1) Add your Love Leaves to your negative thoughts (i.e. water) and watch what happens as the leaf flavors begin to be released. In just a matter of seconds, your negative thoughts begin to transfer into a delicious cup of Love Tea

2) Take a sip, a deep breathe and close your eye to feel the warmth of Love inside you 

3) As you continue to sip Love, answer these questions: What does Love look like in your life? What does Love feel like in your life? Imagine that as real as the tea is in your hands and body; that is how real Love is in your life

4) Keep these positive thoughts in your mind as you sip your tea for a minimum of 10 minutes. (I suggest as long as you can)

5) Repeat daily 


If you are looking to lose weight, have a healthier lifestyle or have more success, do the same routine. What does a healthier lifestyle look and feel like? What does success look and feel like for you? Keep repeating these mantras everyday and eventually the universe has no option but to answer. Those negative thoughts will come creeping back again, when they do, go make some Success, Health or Love Tea and remind yourself how powerful your are. 

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